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Haikou area: crown hotel kangnian (five-star), haidao xuan (private club) (samsung), longquan group (long-term partner), canteen of all fire forces in haikou city, old city Kowloon hotel (five-star), delicious one hundred and so on...
Wenchang area: weijia international hotel (five-star), new nankai hotel, happy hotel, qiongcai family, jinfeng hotel, municipal government canteen, inspection canteen, space city army canteen, wenchang tianjiabing middle school canteen, emerging restaurant, changhe hotel, Wharton hotel, haisheng manor hotel and so on...
Qionghai area: liangchang spring shoot fishing village, jasmine hotel, changlong hotel, jinri hotel, longquan restaurant, dayi teahouse, comfortable living club (samsung), etc.
Wanning area: wanning technical college canteen, outlets restaurant and so on...
Lingshui area: niuling resort hotel (five stars), etc.
Baoting area: taoyuan residence and so on...
Sanya area: bird's nest (five stars), hongzhou yacht hotel (five stars), xinjiang restaurant, navy canteen, etc.

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